Survey of Computer-Assisted Language Learning Centres

Thank you for participating in this brief survey.

I am interested in discovering whether there exist any formal (e.g. a national centre) or informal research centres or research groups (i.e. groups of active researchers with a coherent research agenda)  doing research into: CALL (Computer-Assisted Language-Learning), TELL (Technology-Enhanced Language-Learning), MALL (Mobile-Assisted Language-Learning) etc… . These centres/groups may be situated anywhere in the world and may be either funded or unfunded. 

Please note that I am interested in finding out about active research groups, not research-related associations such as CALICO, EuroCALL, AsiaCALL etc. (unless they have an active research group of their own).
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The results of this research will be made available in due course through professional publication.
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Thank you so much for your help.


Professor Dr. Andrew Lian
Suranaree University of Technology,
Ho Chi Minh City Open University,
University of Canberra,
President of AsiaCALL

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