The Information below is subject to change and will be confirmed shortly.

How to get there:

Both foreign and Chinese participants can take a train or plane to Tongren.

By air

It seems that there will be/may be direct flight from Bangkok to Tongren Fenghuang International Airport (beginning October 2018). This information needs to be confirmed

Participants may choose to fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big Chinese cities first and then choose to take a plane or train to Tongren.


When you arrive in Tongren City
  1. Tongren Fenghuang Airport:
    Participants can choose to take airport express service to Tongren Guizhou Hotel and the Southern Great Wall International Hotel directly (just tell the driver which hotel you wish to go to). Cost is about 15 RMB per person;
    participants can choose to take a taxi. Cost is about 50 RMB per person.
  2. Tongren Dalong Train Station:
    Participants can choose to take the coach (8 RMB per person) and get off at the Tongren Southern Bus Station. They should then take a taxi (5 RMB per person) to Tongren Guizhou Hotel and The Southern Great Wall International Hotel directly ;
    Participants can take a taxi to these two hotels directly for about 40 RMB per person.