Subject: Invitation to apply to hold AsiaCALL2017 the 15th AsiaCALL International Conference

Posted on: December 23 2016 @ 05:44 PM
By: mlapl1


Organizations and persons interested in hosting AsiaCALL2017, the 15th AsiaCALL International Conference, or subsequent conferences, are cordially invited to apply to do so by contacting the Vice-President for Communication, Networking and Events, Associate Professor Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay at [email protected]. Upon receipt of your expression of interest, you will be forwarded the relevant documents. Completed applications must be received by 31st January 2017. Application outcomes will be reviewed according to our standard protocols and a decision announced as soon as possible. If you wish to apply for a conference beyond 2017, you are invited to do so.

Please note that the AsiaCALL general website is currently under re-construction and is moving servers. Although it will have a temporary domain address, you will be redirected to it simply by connecting to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew Lian (President of AsiaCALL) ([email protected])


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